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Efficient Pension Transfers From the UK to NZ

Don't panic some of the pressure to transfer sooner rather than later is off.  While there was an urgency to transfer prior to December 2016 Lyfords has been informed that the FMCA is going to exclude QROPS schemes from new rule changes. This is good news but it isn't official so there's still a possibility that transferring now will be better for you.

An important reasons for transferring now is that every year that you put off getting around to transferring your pension means the amount of tax you will need to pay on the transferred funds will increase. Each year that you defer means there'll be more tax to pay when you do decide to transfer.

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Organise your pension transfer now so that
you don't come into a new taxation band

Each year that you defer means there'll be more tax to pay when you do decide to transfer.

Are you coming to the end of your
first four years in NZ where you will not have a tax liability?

Get your skates on before you have to pay tax on a portion of the funds you transfer.

What is a transitional resident?



Transferring your pension can be a difficult process. We remove much of the rigmarole of transferring your pension from the United Kingdom to New Zealand. We explain how the transfer process works, what to look out for and expect when transferring your pension to a New Zealand QROPS.

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We personally keep you informed all the way throughout your transfer, explaining each step of the way so that you know exactly what is happening with your pension. You can have peace of mind knowing a registered, award winning financial adviser is looking after your transfer.

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A free consultation from our friendly, experienced advisers is the first step in moving your pension to New Zealand.
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 "I was very impressed with your services and your proposal was without a doubt the most transparent and comprehensive one I received."
T Buettner, Auckland.

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Alison Renfrew is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).  She has been providing financial advice to Kiwis for 33 years and knows her stuff.
"We don’t just transfer your pension and move on to the ‘next deal’ we also provide advice on where to invest your other investments and your regular savings. Lyfords is based in Wellington. We have clients throughout New Zealand from the deep South in Te Anau to Whitianga in the tropical North."
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Transfer Your Pension Now! 
Every year (after your first four 'free' years) that you defer this
decision your tax liability will increase.

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Steps to take when planning for your
pension fund transfer

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Post Pension Transfer Investment Services

Post Pension Transfer Investment Services

The benefits of using an award winning financial advisor to transfer your pension from the UK to New Zealand are many, not the least of which is the advice and help for investing your pension after it has been transferred to New Zealand.

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Latest Law Changes & Their Effect On Your Pension

Pension Laws are constantly changing. It is important to transfer sooner rather than later before more law changes come into effect. The next major change occurs on 1 December 2016 when all NZ superannuation schemes must be registered the FMCA and adhere to the new rules.  You will have more options if you transfer your pension before then so that you money is invested in a superannuation plan that has a Legacy section.  Existing plan members in Legacy schemes can then stay with the superannuation rules that were in place prior to the scheme switching to the FMCA rules.  Does it sound complicated? 
Call 0800 459 3673 and we'll explain the changes personally. It can take months to transfer a pension which is why you should consider transferring your UK pension urgently.

You cannot make a decision to transfer your pension until you know your options.  Seeking advice from an impartial investment adviser at Lyfords will help you with your decision.

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Tax Traps when transferring pension

Avoid Taxation Traps When Transferring Your Pension

When transferring your pension it is crucial to be aware of the "tax traps" that can cost you thousands of dollars. Using us to transfer your pension means you can rest assured that you can access as much of your money as possible.

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Lyfords is an investment management & financial services company managed and run by Alison & Richard Renfrew. The company values individual treatment, experienced advice and has a strong code of ethics across all of its services from financial advice through to retirement planning & pension transfers.

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